Who We Are

Our Background

support4rs provides specialist risk management services and a range of solutions to support organisations which are subjected to focus from protest and radical factions.

The central thread to the business has been excellence in delivery first time, every time to meet client’s needs. Testimony to consistent achievement and meeting our client’s needs is set out in our Stakeholder Satisfaction Survey.

The strength of support4rs arises from extensive subject knowledge, skills and specialism of our staff acquired within the British Police Service and other security based environments.

Director of support4rs, Sam Nicholls, has transposed expertise and professional capability gained within the UK Police Service, particularly as the National Coordinator of Operations – Domestic Extremism, leading the UK Police’s national investigatory response, as a Senior Investigating Officer, and subsequently in a global commercial context, to develop specialist and bespoke risk management support to all commercial sectors.

Experienced crime and research analysts delivering real time information ensures we are uniquely placed to support any organisation, or individual, where protest, and the associated features, are a cause for concern.

With a diverse global commercial client base, we develop and maintain Critical Incident Management structures, response mechanisms and guidance; consistently reinvesting accrued knowledge for the benefit of all our clients.

Our History

Formed in 2008 to provide support to organisations and individuals affected, directly or indirectly, by protest and associated Extremism.

Our work has taken us to Europe, North America and the Pacific Rim, where we have been engaged by governmental agencies, the extractives industry, telecommunications providers, the oil and gas industry, the pharmaceutical sector and the insurance sector.

Many of our staff, individually, have been at the forefront of monitoring and mitigating the impact of protest for in excess of 25 years resulting in unassailable knowledge.

Between 2009 and 2017, as the preferred supplier to the UK Government’s Department of BEIS and its forerunners, support4rs delivered specialist risk management services to the UK Public Research Sector comprising of Public Research Institutions, Medical Research Charities and Universities that use animals as an integral part of the research.

The knowledge and unique expertise acquired is now available to any individual or organisation experiencing protest, irrespective of the origin.

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