Suspect Package Awareness

What is Suspect Package Awareness?

The use of Improvised Explosive Devices (IED) delivered in the mail or by courier services - remains a tactic for use by the Terrorist, Domestic Extremist and Criminal elements alike.

Whilst the current generic threat from Commercially Delivered Devices (CDD) is assessed as being LOW, Terrorism and in some cases Extremism remain predictable events requiring appropriate mitigation measures; organisations and individuals remain under an obligation to ensure a safe working environment which includes freedom from physical and psychological harm.

The input outlines the current threat to your specific organisation from CDD, explores their development and delivery, mitigation measures which can be applied, the handling of a suspicious package and the appropriate reporting of concerns.

How could this course help you/your institution?

The ability to evaluate incoming post for suspicious content and an awareness of the manner and circumstances of when CDD have been used can aid staff handling mail to be more effective in their role providing greater assurance and ultimately wider reassurance to those with concerns that the material they process daily may be potentially hazardous.

This input is focussed upon providing confidence and reassurance by heightening awareness of staff, whose role includes the ongoing handling of mail, and ensure they have a clear understanding of the current threat and refined protocols to apply in the identification and subsequently assessment of any suspicious mail.

In readiness for delivering the input, we can conduct a review of existing plans, policies and procedures, gaining an appreciation of your management and organisational preparedness to determine more precisely the need of the intended audience and the optimum manner for the input to be delivered.

Who should attend?

Principally those engaged in mail room, reception and security, but additionally anyone who has organisational responsibility for these roles and the determining of organisational policy would benefit from the information and techniques outlined in this module.

What does this course cover?

This 2 hour input will include:

  • Suspect Package Awareness to include constituent parts of an IED
  • Analysis of delivery methods and mitigation measures
  • Implications of each and evaluation of probability
  • Practical threat assessment methodology
  • Exploring Significant Identifying Factors
  • Management of bomb situations – bomb hoax, hoax bombs
  • Search criteria and practical tips

The desired outcome from the module is to support you in the delivery of this obligation specifically with the regard to the management of incidents involving suspect packages.

Please note: In order to maximise the benefit of the input, attendance will be restricted to no more than 12 persons per training event and attendees will be required to be present for the full input.

The training events can be delivered onsite, within the client’s premises in a room with an AV capability and furniture which can be moved to facilitate group practice scenarios and exercises. Alternatively we can arrange an offsite location, the costs of which will be recharged on an actuals basis.

The service offered is strictly confidential presented to the highest professional standards, delivered by a highly trained and experienced team of specialists.

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