Surveillance Awareness

What is Surveillance Awareness?

Many criminal or extremist events are preceded by an aspect of observations as an integral part of planning, at which point the perpetrators are considerably more vulnerable to exposure.

Surveillance awareness equips individuals to identify circumstances where those conducting surveillance are particularly vulnerable to compromise, provides an insight to the manner in which surveillance will be conducted and consequently options to identify when it is being undertaken.

How could this course help you/your institution?

On occasions the protest movement have concentrated their efforts on the disruption, intimidation of certain commercial organistions and key staff. People have been subjected to surveillance as part of the intimidation campaign.

Participation in this course will enhance the ability to detect surveillance activity and take appropriate action.

The knowledge provides reassurance to those targeted and presents the organisation with the opportunity to respond by activating relevant plans.

Who should attend?

This input enhances the ability of an individual, at perceived higher risk, to identify and confirm whether they are under observation/surveillance, and to take proportionate action to minimise their individual vulnerability. Therefore this input will benefit anyone who, for whatever reason, may be the subject of hostile surveillance.

What does this course cover?

Modules will cover the following:

  • Basic Surveillance Techniques Vehicle and on Foot
  • Areas of Vulnerability
  • Levels of exposure
  • Recognition of Abnormal Behaviour
  • Early identification of suspicious activity
  • Avoidance of Confrontation
  • Short term Memory Triggers

Please note: In order to maximise the benefit of the input, attendance will be restricted to no more than 10 persons per training event and attendees will be required to be present for the full input.

The training events can be delivered onsite, within the client’s premises in a room with an AV capability and furniture which can be moved to facilitate group practice scenarios and exercises. Alternatively we can arrange an offsite location, the costs of which will be recharged on an actuals basis.

The service offered is strictly confidential presented to the highest professional standards, delivered by a highly trained and experienced team of specialists.

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