Research Continuity Planning

Appropriate organisational resilience is dependent upon enhanced preparedness achieved through the ability to access Research Continuity Plans and Incident Management structures.

Over an extended period of time, supplementing existing extensive experience, support4rs, working with key partners, has developed a compendium of bespoke plans for the research sector, many of which are currently being used by internationally renowned research organisations.

Drawing upon accrued good practice, support4rs will work with relevant staff within your organisation to review, revise and realise a suite of plans created in line with your organisational ethos, to include the following:

  • Responding to Major Incidents.
  • Critical Incident Management structures and processes.
  • Preparation for Protests and Demonstrations, planned or spontaneous.
  • Preventing trespass or intimidation of staff/students.
  • Preventing Infiltrations on campus.
  • Business Continuity dealing with interruption to services or staffing.
  • Managing a blockade of telephony and IT services.
  • Identifying, securing and preserving evidence.
  • Personnel Security.
  • Protecting new building works.
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