Internet Safety

What is Internet Safety?

Internet Safety is a practical appreciation of cyber threats encompassing a broad spectrum of vulnerabilities arising from the use of the Internet, promoting awareness and understanding of the potential undesirable outcomes of online activity.

From the material which one posts, unwittingly providing threads of information which may be exploited individually or accumulatively, though phishing, file hijacking, and how others use and misuse information posted on Social Media and other internet sites, this input explores straightforward management and mitigation of on-line presence and outlines effective options for on-line safety.

How could this course help you/your organisation?

This course will provide an insight to anyone using the Internet regarding the pitfalls associated with such use. Having an understanding of the attendant vulnerability and common sense options for mitigating the associated threats, individuals, on absorbing the information, should modify their behaviours to reduce the risk to themselves and, by virtue of this, to your organisation.

Who should attend?

Anyone who accesses the Internet for personal or business purposes and uploads, downloads or researches information. It is particularly of benefit for individuals who work remotely or from a home office environment where corporate virus protection may not be available.

What does this course cover?
  • Methods employed by hackers
  • Primary methods of prevention
  • Trojan Horse virus attacks
  • What to do if malicious software is detected
  • Using/devising strong passwords

  • Restricting access to accounts containing sensitive data
  • Restricting access to personal data on private accounts
  • Restricting access to hardware at work and home
  • Maintaining Virus software

Please Note: In order to maximise the benefit of the input, attendance will be restricted to no more than 12 persons per training event and attendees will be required to be present for the full input.

The training events can be delivered onsite, within the client’s premises in a room with an AV capability and furniture which can be moved to facilitate group practice scenarios and exercises. Alternatively we can arrange an offsite location, the costs of which will be recharged on an actuals basis.

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