Effective Interviewing

Reasoning, intuition and perception

What is Effective Interviewing?

As a structured approach to interviewing whether as part of a recruitment process, ongoing personnel or discipline issues or any formal workplace interaction, Effective Interviewing provides a model designed to maximise the potential of detecting deceit and identifying the truth.

The process involves the correlation of that known against answers to questions specifically framed to secure a truthful account or identify disparity, the testing of answers to ensure understanding and the non confrontational challenging of inconsistencies.

Central to Effective Interviewing are enhanced listening capabilities.

Few people innately have these skills but through training and development they can be learned.
How could this course help you/your institution?

Each organisation has a ‘Duty of Care’ to its staff in addition to a legal responsibility for ensuring a safe working environment. This input was designed specifically to address some of the challenges arising from infiltration but it is equally applicable in other scenarios.

Developed for staff having responsibilities in the recruitment and management of employees and contracted staff, each module of this course incrementally develops skills and prepares attendees to conduct a more structured, probing and effective interview irrespective of its basis.

Fundamental to an infiltration is the recruitment of individuals into your facility; prior to engagement, but as part of recruitment, the prospective staff member will be interviewed.

This is an opportunity to identify detail which is rarely explored, yet potentially it could provide clarity regarding the true motivations and qualifications of the interviewee to provide assurance and peace of mind for the management and delivery of ‘Duty of Care’ to existing employees.

Who should attend?

Those members of staff who will be conducting interviews for recruitment of full time or agency staff, for staff and agency workers where there is cause for concern regarding their intentions, for staff subject to investigation under the terms of discipline or other aligned procedures and for staff within a probationary period or during the course of a performance and development review. The precepts are equally transferable to any interview situation.

What does this course cover?

During the course, which absorbs approximately 7 hours, in addition to input, attendees will have the opportunity to practice learnt skills and discuss the application of the concepts.
Modules will cover the following:

  • Preparation and Planning
  • Engaging the interviewee
  • Questioning Styles and Questioning Practice
  • Detecting Deceit
  • Challenging
  • Listening Skills
  • Memory Theory

Please note: In order to maximise the benefit of the input, attendance will be restricted to no more than 12 persons per training event and attendees will be required to be present for the full input.

The training events can be delivered onsite, within the client’s premises in a room with an AV capability and furniture which can be moved to facilitate group practice scenarios and exercises. Alternatively we can arrange an offsite location, the costs of which will be recharged on an actuals basis.

The service offered is strictly confidential presented to the highest professional standards, delivered by a highly trained and experienced team of specialists.

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