Awareness of Animal Rights

Animal Rights?

The term ‘Animal Rights’ (AR) is used in this context to define the Animal Rights movement which comprises of individuals, organisations and lose knit groups who seek to cause the cessation in the ‘use’ (and consequently the perceived ‘abuse’) of animals by humans in whichever format.

The AR movement operates in many specific areas from Anti Hunting or the use of animals in other sports, through Anti Fur Trade, Anti Badger Cull, Anti Vivisection and Biomedical Research, to protest about farming and the use of animals as food and many more.

Whilst evolving, the AR Movement’s tactics encompassed both lawful and unlawful aspects including those which, in 2007, precipitated the arrest and prosecution of many amongst the movement for substantive criminal offences.

How could this course help you/your organisation?

This input will outline the difference between the varying types of participation within the AR movement, identify the current intention and capability as it applies to you or your organisation, and will provide an evaluation of the activity of the many and varied groups and how they aspire to pursue their agenda.

Clarity in understanding the AR movement and the nature of the associated threat will enable individuals and organisations to undertake and maintain a dynamic threat assessment, to evaluate their own organisational vulnerability and proactively determine and implement appropriate and cost effective mitigation measures.

The input will address the factor of the unknown or the fears arising from historic AR Extremism and the genuine concerns expressed that broadly the various Animal Rights groups present a risk to the safety and welfare of staff and the well being of an organisation through targeting.

With this knowledge, attendees will be able to identify the difference between lawful protest and unlawful activity, to dispel unwarranted belief in the elevated threat derived from AR protest and be in a position to make informed decisions proportionate to the current threat.

Who should attend?

Individuals who represent or are employed or engaged by organisations which, by virtue of its activity, its funding, its contractual relationships or its sponsorship, has a potential to be affected by AR protest in whatever format or where its staff have concerns regarding AR protest.

Newly appointed personnel, with limited knowledge of the sector, and Supervisors in a position to advise staff would find this course of value.

What does this course cover?
  • The aims of various Animal Rights Groups
  • The tactics used by the groups
  • Lawful Protest activities
  • The potential for the infiltration of your organisation
  • Some proportionate and appropriate measures designed to mitigate the impact of AR activity
  • Valuable actions to safeguard your personal well being and that of your organisation

The training events can be delivered onsite, within the client’s premises in a room with an AV capability and furniture which can be moved to facilitate group practice scenarios and exercises. Alternatively we can arrange an offsite location, the costs of which will be recharged on an actuals basis.

The service offered is strictly confidential presented to the highest professional standards, delivered by a highly trained and experienced team of specialists.

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