Training & Support

Drawing upon our expertise within a diversity of disciplines, we will deliver cost effective, quality, input to your organisation to equip your staff with the skills needed to operate effectively within the current protest environment.

Critical Incident Management

Each organisation has a duty to maintain a safe working environment. Research1 has shown that organisations which are appropriately prepared have a substantially greater chance of surviving a catastrophe than those less prepared. We assist organisations in reviewing, revising and re-establishing Critical Incident Management Strategies and associated Structures, Plans and Procedures, by mentoring and developing individuals involved, and providing support from outset to resolution of a critical incident.

1 Knight and Pretty – The impact of a Catastrophe on Shareholder Values

Security Review and Vulnerability Analysis

Undertaken against a threat assessment providing the baseline against which all subsequent security measures will be evaluated, the Security Vulnerability Analysis appraises all aspects of security during in and out of hours periods against the documented security schemer and industry security standards, the knowledge of security requirements and its application and the associated security related documentation, to deliver a comprehensive appraisal and recommendations for enhancement in the short and longer terms for inclusion in future budgeting.

Infiltration Master-class

An Infiltration is defined as ‘to enter or gain access to an organisation, surreptitiously and gradually, especially in order to acquire secret information’.

The master-class will review how Infiltration has been used as a tactic, reveal the reality behind the associated myths, identifying the needs of the infiltrator and the concept of targeting, explore effective preparedness and mitigation measures and practices to invoke where infiltration is suspected.

An opportunity to review organisational vulnerability will be available.

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