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The Biomedical and Animal Science Integrity Line


The Home Office Animals in Science Regulation Unit (ASRU) and the Animals In Science Report by John Lander both identify the necessity of ensuring that whistleblowers have an effective, efficient and readily accessible means of raising causes for concern within their establishment or in respect of Management within their establishment.

The Biomedical and Animal Science Integrity Line.

A confidential and anonymous reporting service to support staff working within the Research Sector.

BASIL is a dedicated, independently delivered telephone based facility resourced by staff acutely aware of the responsibilities and duties placed upon organisations where animals are central to their business whether in the research arena or within food production.

Whistleblowing motivates and empowers staff to raise concerns rather than ignoring the issue or leaking the information externally in an uncontrolled manner threatening reputational harm.

There is no requirement in the Public Interest Disclosure Act to have a whistleblowing/reporting concerns policy however there is an expectation that progressive organisations and public bodies will have implemented an effective capability.

How does BASIL work?

BASIL is intended for use by all staff working in Biomedical Research Animal Facilities who have serious concerns about:

  • The welfare of animals within the unit.
  • The failure of staff to follow procedures according to the ethical standards of the Institute or Project Licence.
  • The behaviour of a colleague which may be detrimental to the institute.

BASIL is intended to manage calls regarding inappropriate behaviours or breaches of associated legislation, and additionally manage information regarding staff concerns of the motivation or intention of fellow workers.

BASIL is not intended for the reporting of grievances in the workplace about treatment in relation to work issues.

  • BASIL is available 24/7/365
    Between hours of 9am and 5pm Monday to Friday your call will be answered by dedicated members of staff
    Outside these hours and on Bank Holidays a monitored answerphone facility is available
  • Media will be supplied clearly identifying the BASIL telephone number for staff to call.
  • Posters will detail a unique identifier allocated to your organisation. (This is designed to limit the scope for hoax or malicious calls).
  • Concerns will be chronicled with as much detail as you can provide to assist the investigation of the issues raised.
  • Concerns raised will then be forwarded to a nominated senior manager for evaluation.
  • Measures instituted ensure that no personal or contact details are sought or recorded, or delivered to the nominated contact thereby maintaining the requisite anonymity.

Benefits of BASIL

The overarching benefits arising from this solution are:
  • To promote and secure the safety and wellbeing of your staff, but critically, through preparedness, to underpin the standing and reputation of your institution and the management team.
  • To instil confidence in staff to raise, question and act upon concerns about practice.
  • To provide an alternative approved structure to raise concerns with confidence.
  • Posters will be available detailing a unique identifier allocated to your organisation to be quoted in all calls to minimise the scope for hoax or malicious external calls.
In the implementation of BASIL we will work with you to deliver an input to staff setting out the service provided, the manner in which it can be engaged and the safeguards implemented including the following factors:
  • The service is independent of the Institution.
  • It is available to all within the Institution and supported by management.
  • Callers may remain anonymous.
  • The service is additional to all other existing provided facilities.

The combination of our skills and knowledge is central to achieving these benefits.

An annual fee payable in advance at a starting price of less than £10.00 per week for facilities with 30 people or less.

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