Our assistance focuses upon the delivering the right support, at the right time with the right information, all underpinned by the right quality.


With prevention being the ultimate option, we provide specialist consultancy services designed to mitigate and minimise the potential for protest to take place and to prevent the escalation of impact.

We assess existing security and incident management structures from a protest perspective and optimise organisational spend to design a comprehensive security schemer with associated specifications. We can project manage the implementation of the developed solution.


Preparedness is identified as central to successful resolution of a critical incident. Working with clients, and based upon quantified threat, we refine, develop and deliver flexible incident management solutions and provide guidance and mentoring to individuals tasked with managing such Incidents.

Through scenario based simulation exercises the response structures can be validated, promoting confidence in the organisation and its staff.


Using the 24/7 Help and Support line, clients immediately access expertise from outset to resolution; training support remains available on request.


To minimise the overall impact of an Incident, concurrent with supporting the management of the response, we provide proportionate options and direction, to identify pathways to return to the pre-incident status.

What We Do


of current and predictable protest campaigns to establish the potential for escalation and to pinpoint the probable impact


accessible through the 24/7 portal, to promote prevention, to achieve preparedness, and secure the right response delivered from outset through to resolution


to identify effective options to minimise the impact of protest and maximise associated organisational spend

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