We understand that information acquisition and critically its analysis is the foundation for Preparedness and effective Incident Management.

Our strategic overview of protest, contemporary knowledge of trends, actions, methodology and campaigns contextualised with historic perspectives, means we are excellently placed to evaluate, anticipate and predict the likely level and style of protest.

We assess all information for accuracy, consistently seeking corroboration, to ensure that you receive only quality products.

Through our additional products:

  • Thematic Bulletins;
  • Post event debriefs;
  • Organisation or Individual specific alerts;
we inform you of factors which may have an impact upon you or your staff.

What We Do


of current and predictable protest campaigns to establish the potential for escalation and to pinpoint the probable impact


accessible through the 24/7 portal, to promote prevention, to achieve preparedness, and secure the right response delivered from outset through to resolution


to identify effective options to minimise the impact of protest and maximise associated organisational spend

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