What We Do

Through a three strand delivery approach of knowledge, relationships and quality of service, we support stakeholders who are preparing for or responding to negative events prompted by protest.

From the outset to the conclusion of any negative activity, we remain available 24/7 to advise, guide and support. Our awareness of the current information and intelligence about trends, intentions and the capability of different groups within various protest movements, combined with Good Practice, has proven to resolve and prevent future problems. Our response provides reassurance to all involved and mitigates the impact upon your organisation, your staff, shareholders and other stakeholders.

What We Do


of current and predictable protest campaigns to establish the potential for escalation and to pinpoint the probable impact


accessible through the 24/7 portal, to promote prevention, to achieve preparedness, and secure the right response delivered from outset through to resolution


to identify effective options to minimise the impact of protest and maximise associated organisational spend


The Right to Peaceful Protest
The right to peaceful protest in the UK is expressly guaranteed under European Convention of Human Rights (ECHR).

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