Results of the s4rs stakeholder satisfaction survey

During February 2016 we conducted a stakeholder satisfaction survey regarding the services we deliver. Staff at support4rs are really grateful to all who took time to provide feedback and the very helpful additional comments.

An exceptional return rate of marginally over 41% was achieved; the feedback is considered as enviable with stakeholder satisfaction levels extremely high.

100% of respondents who have used the provision agree or strongly agree that they are satisfied by the speed of response and nature and content of the support provided by support4rs;

100%  of respondents who have used the service agreed or strongly agreed that support4rs added value to their respective organisations through our provision of information, advice and guidance;

100% of respondents who used the service strongly agree, agree or tend to agree that support4rs;

  • are viewed as trusted and well informed advisors;
  • has added value through delivering of timely notifications, interpretation and assessment;
  • has
    • facilitated greater understanding of risk;
    • risk assessment advice enable organisations to reassure staff;
    • through risk assessment advice enabled organisations to reassure staff;
    • through information provision, enabled preparedness; of respondents strongly agreed, agreed or tended to agree (66%, 27% & 7% respectively) that they would recommend support4rs to others in the research sector.
    • enhanced knowledge and reassurance of those in their organisation;


In the other areas where the survey probed, respondents strongly agreed, agreed or tended to agree, as follows, that the support4rs:

service fostered greater staff confidence for openness,



timely notifications added greater value to their organisation,



service facilitated a greater understanding of risk,



 service enhanced organisational resilience and preparedness,



is viewed as an integral part of their organisation’s support network.



For those who would like a more comprehensive synopsis of the feedback, please contact us. 

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