Thanks for your help with this event your suggestions and advice meant we felt ready and able to deal with anything that may have happened on the day

Pleased to have assistance late into Friday night and over the weekend, it was a critical time for us and you dramatically reduced the time to assess and deal with the threat which was successfully defused as you predicted. We are really grateful for an effective and rapid response to diffuse a potentially damaging situation

Thank you very much for speaking at our event. We have had some amazing feedback in particular how excellent and engaging the talks were

As well as the ongoing intelligence in the run up to the event, it was particularly useful to obtain a bit more insight into the way the activists think and operate… to know that we have the support of yourselves is extremely reassuring if the unwanted interest from the activists continues for us

The expertise and insight you provided will be extremely helpful in developing our best practice documents. We sincerely appreciate you taking the time out to assist in this important endeavour

Outstanding professionalism, guidance and support… I truly appreciate all of your efforts during this uncertain time

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