Our Support

Our support is delivered through prescribed or bespoke solutions


An entry level provision providing pre-emptive information which delivers an essential understanding regarding events which may affect your organisation together with a summary of other UK events to aid threat assessment and prevent operation in isolation.


supportLite with additional, comprehensive and analysed, information products to aid preparedness, access to our 24/7 helpline, the contents of our website members area, plus preferential rates on other services procured.


supportEssentials plus access to threat assessments, live time reporting upon significant protest, our anonymised reporting concerns line, contingency planning support, free consultancy.


a truly bespoke solution developed following consultation, specific to, and aligned with, your requirements.

Our anonymised ‘reporting concerns line’, BASIL is available either within a developed solution or as a stand alone product.

Please contact us to discuss which options would be best suited to your requirements.

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