Our Approach

The extensive unparalleled knowledge and expertise of our staff in dealing with a breadth of protest in all it’s forms, means we are in a unique position to provide advice and guidance to others.

We adopt an integrated common sense, grounded and pragmatic approach identifying practical and effective options to achieve the desired result, all based upon the equation ‘where are we now, where do we want to be, how do we get there?’


Our ability to consistently deliver the externally adjudged exceptional quality of service is founded upon the merit, experience and unique blend of our staff, their extensive and recognised expertise in the area of global protest, the organisations and individuals concerned, and their methodology, intention and capability.

Our pragmatic approach, evaluating and understanding the various protest movements, produces timely and comprehensive assessments. Consequently predictions can be made and reasoned advice delivered.



  • Securing knowledge
  • Appreciating threat
  • Recognising vulnerability
  • Informing colleagues



  • Flexible approach
  • Multiple options
  • Established standards
  • Maintained structures



  • Advice line
  • Good practice
  • Enhanced communication
  • Community approach
Peace of Mind

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