iAnimal Tour

Currently within the UK Animal Equality are touring universities and vegan festivals screening quite a graphic promotional video via individual head sets, a virtual reality experience that they are calling iAnimal. The film depicts what a slaughterhouse is like from an animal’s perspective including footage apparently obtained during their 18 months of investigations. This seems to be under the umbrella organisation of Animal Equality.

Animal Equality is an international animal advocacy organisation that is dedicated to defending animals through public education, campaigns and investigations. They are based in Santa Monica, Los Angeles, USA and also have a BM Box 2732 in London WC1N. The executive director of the company is Dr Toni Shephard and the person also possibly in attendance will be Rob Hill, iAnimal tour manager.

They plan to extend this experience throughout the UK, USA where they are presently recruiting volunteers for the roadshow, Germany, Spain and Italy.

They mainly focus their attention on the area where they consider animals suffer most namely FARM Animals, but they include via their investigations section of the website, Circus animals. They seemingly have an interest in animals in laboratories but there is no suggestion they promote unlawful activity.

Evidently they are contacting student unions to request that they host an “Informational Session”, “to bring awareness of the animal farming industry and to promote veganism” on campus.

To date this seems to have transpired as a low key event usually managed by the university’s vegan society. Animal Equality recently claimed via social media that 800 students participated ‘in Cambridge and Liverpool’ although this is an unconfirmed figure.

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