Proactive in approach

Controlled in response


Helping to make the hard

A Preferred Supplier to the Department for Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy, a department of the UK Government

Contracted to provide advice and a support infrastructure with regard to Animal Rights protest, for the Public Research Institutions, Universities and Medical Research Charities, we work collaboratively with the leading research facilities throughout the UK, drawing upon the experience of each for the benefit of all.

Our Solutions

We Assess

We consistently assess the current climate of animal rights protest and its impact upon individuals, organisations and the wider research sector.

We Assist

We assist with providing an understanding of the threat of animal rights and measures which may be employed to mitigate the potential impact.

We Advise

We give real time advice and support during adverse activity from outset to resolution.

Pragmatic Approach

Contextualised within the ‘New Normality’, derived from individuals and organisations that
have experienced or dealt with all forms of animal rights activity.



  • Securing knowledge
  • Appreciating threat
  • Recognising vulnerability
  • Informing colleagues



  • Flexible approach
  • Multiple options
  • Established standards
  • Maintained structures



  • Advice line
  • Good practice
  • Enhanced communication
  • Community approach
Peace of Mind


The results we get from research can transform lives and pave the way for new and ground breaking medical advances.

Universities and Science Minister

Without animal research, polio would still be claiming thousands of lives each year

Albert Sabin